Terms and Conditions

In this document, we outline the terms and conditions that govern the use of our Bitcoin Profit website.

We can use the term “We” or “Our” or “Us” interchangeably anywhere in this document to represent the owners of this website.

The terms of this document, also referred to as “The Agreement,” are the conditions for using our website. Anyone using our website agrees and creates a legally binding document to use our site. Users must be of legal age to use our website.

You must read, understand and AGREE to these terms and conditions before using our Bitcoin Profit website. If you disagree with any of these terms, you must discontinue using our website. Continual usage of our website will imply acceptance of “The Agreement” on your part.


“The Agreement” is a legally binding document that regulates the use of the Bitcoin Profit website.

When any policy or warranty conflicts with this document, “The Agreement” takes precedence.

We can change any part of “The Agreement” at any time, without prior information to the user. The user should always check for any changes to this document.


To use the services we provide on the Bitcoin Profit website, you must be of legal age. For this document, 18 years or above is considered legal age.

Because a minor cannot enter into a legally binding agreement, we do not allow minors to use the Bitcoin Profit website. We will take immediate action to discontinue our website’s use by a minor once we receive any notice of such an act.

Description Of The Services

The services we cover on the Bitcoin Profit website are as follows:

Here is how each of them works:

Subscription Services

The Bitcoin Profit website users will have access to certain subscription services, which may come at a cost to the user. However, users should not interpret any content provided by a subscription service as investment advice in any way.

We may use the information you provide to determine and suggest the subscription service suitable for you. Users may opt out of any subscription service at any time.

You shall not hold us liable for any subscription service offered by our third-party partners.

Membership Services

Membership services may be available on our website for anyone who decides to receive such services. These membership services may come at a cost to such users of our website.

You will not hold us liable for the accuracy or otherwise of the membership content should you use them to inform your decision.

Vendor Services

Our users may have access to certain third-party vendor services that may be available on our website.

We shall not be liable for products and services provided by third parties on our website.


Users would be required to provide their correct and accurate information during registration, including their email address and other essential information.

At our discretion, we reserve the right to deny any user one or all the services available on the Bitcoin Profit website.

We are not liable for any decision you make with any of our third-party vendors.


The Bitcoin Profit website users get limited, revocable access to services on our website. This non-transferable grant is only available for personal use. We are not obligated to tender any acceptable reason for revoking user access to our website at any time.

You cannot reproduce or reverse engineer any content on the Bitcoin Profit website for financial purposes.

This grant does not permit you to alter the content or any part of this website.


We own the proprietary rights to all contents on our website, and we shall exercise the same as we wish.

Our third-party partners own proprietary rights to all their content on our website. Our website users must not violate those rights.

Our website users can not retrieve information from our website by any guise or for any purpose without appropriate authorisation.

Users must respect these rights and shall by no means violet them. Violating any part of this right might attract legal actions against such user(s).


We do not guarantee that the Bitcoin Profit website’s content, nor those provided by our third-party partners, shall meet any or all of your expectations.

The content we make available to you is on an “As Available” basis, and you will not hold us liable if any content you desire at any time is not available on our website.

Users access our website at their own risk. We do not guarantee that our web site’s content, nor those of our partners, are free from errors and computer bugs.


We shall not be held liable to users or any third party for any damages caused directly, indirectly, or incidentally by the use of our website.

You shall not hold us liable if you cannot use any of the services listed on our website or by any third party.

Users would not hold us responsible for any unauthorised altering of their personal information. Our third-party partners are also free of any liabilities.


You indemnify us of any cost caused by a lawsuit occasioned by your breach of any part of “The Agreement.”

Users also indemnify our third-party partners of any cost incurred to seek redress from any violation of their terms.


We collect and handle all user information following our privacy policy. Our users are encouraged to read our privacy policy.


If any dispute arises from the Bitcoin Profit website’s use, users agree to let us handle the issue before adopting any other remedies if they are unsatisfied with our judgment.

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