Bitcoin Profit - Terms of Use: IMPORTANT—PLEASE READ!

Thank you for visiting Bitcoin Profit. Please note that these terms and conditions are bound to users of . Hence, agreeing to use this website also agrees to the terms stated here.

Last updated: [22-02-2022]

1. General

Bitcoin Profit owns and operates this website. So, if you intend to be an avid user of this website, it is important that you do not skip this page.

Please, read through till the end to understand what we expect of users and what we do not. If by any chance, you find something you disagree with, you should consider it necessary to exit this page and the entire Bitcoin Profit platform.

2. Website Usage

Bitcoin Profit discreetly chose the content available on the website. However, we do not guarantee that the content or information will be void of errors. Note that we might also make updates to the website without user notification.

Also, note that some links on the Bitcoin Profit platform may direct you to third-party websites. We suggest that you carefully verify the authenticity of any of these websites. Bitcoin Profit can only help with activities or actions you take on the Bitcoin Profit website.

We may not verify the reliability of any information provided on third-party platforms. Kindly read through to understand the products and services offered.

3. Requirements

Bitcoin Profit makes it mandatory that all users must be of legal age before using the platform. So, depending on your region, you must be within the age range of at least 18 and 21 before using Bitcoin Profit. We suggest you admit to your factual age when registering on the platform.

4. Affiliate Disclosure

Because we work with some third-party partners, users may be able to access some affiliate links via the Bitcoin Profit platform. Note that we have provided the space for this because we believe that visitors can potentially benefit from these websites.

It is worth noting that you do not pay any extra cost to access these website(s). However, you may be required to make a deposit to use the products or services offered. Whenever you do this, Bitcoin Profit may receive a commission without any other expense tied to you.

In addition, note that we do not operate these websites. Whatever results you get from your activities are solely yours. So, do your own research about the products and services offered before committing any invested capital.

5. Risk Disclaimer

Please note that Bitcoin Profit's role is to provide you with an avenue to access the cryptocurrency market and financial markets at large. Bitcoin Profit does not offer investment advice or promise profits as a platform. The simple aim of Bitcoin Profit is to put you in the right direction in connecting with reputable brokerage consultants.

It is also crucial for users to know that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. While we might provide an opportunity, we do not guarantee any specific outcome. So we suggest you seek a financial advisor's advice before taking action.

Kindly note that we will not be responsible for any unprecedented development that arises from your use of the Bitcoin Profit platform. Again, familiarise yourself with the risk of crypto trading, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader.

Additionally, only risk money you can afford to lose and trade alongside your full-time job. If you are not fully employed, nor do you have a stable source of income, Bitcoin Profit might not be the perfect fit for you. This is because crypto investing or trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

More importantly, ensure you confirm the rules and regulations guiding crypto trading in your country of residence. If you are a UK resident, note that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) prohibits selling and promoting crypto CFD products as per PS 20/10. Carry out due diligence.

6. Proprietary Rights

Note that Bitcoin Profit owns the exclusive right to the content on the website. From texts, infographics, pictures, and other accessible data, we own it. So, you do not possess the right to copy, distribute or transfer any part of this content without Bitcoin Profit's authorisation, whether paid or otherwise. However, you may download some of the website content for your own personal use.

7. Website Amendments

We can alter any information or website content on the Bitcoin Profit website anytime. Sometimes, we can do this without user notification. Note that these amendments take effect as soon as the next time you visit the Bitcoin Profit website. So, we suggest you visit this terms page to familiarise yourself with the updates.

8. Questions and Remarks

Bitcoin Profit has made it easy for users to understand these terms of use as clearly as possible. However, there are possibilities that you need direction in some areas. So, if you have any other questions about these terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. All you need to do is contact the Bitcoin Profit partner support team.

This customer representative team is dedicated to providing you with the proper responses to all your inquiries. Invariably, you can click this link to get started.

9. Cookies

Bitcoin Profit uses cookies to help improve the user experience on the Bitcoin Profit website. However, you reserve the right to accept or reject cookies while using the website.

A cookie is a small file created by a website. The primary aim is to help you navigate a website better. In Bitcoin Profit's case, our cookies help to provide you with relevant content, save your login credentials, or remember your site preferences.

Besides these benefits, cookies help our website function at its optimal level. It can also help us identify eros on the website to resolve as soon as possible. If you decide not to use cookies on the Bitcoin Profit platform, note that it can affect the website speed and performance. If this is you, you can deactivate the cookies function offered on the website.

What type of cookies does Bitcoin Profit use?

Functional cookies: We use these cookies to save your information and track and personalise your sessions on the Bitcoin Profit website. These cookies are necessary for you to be able to register or log in to our website.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics helps us monitor our website's efficiency and user experience. This provides us with feedback on how we can improve. Similarly, Google Analytics lets us view your data without interference from the Google analytics platform.

Please, note that Google can't access your data because we use their analytics software. We have a document agreement with the platform not to use your personal information for purposes outside of the Bitcoin Profit platform.

Third-party cookies: Bitcoin Profit has some affiliate links. Hence, we use third-party cookies to monitor user activity on the website

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