1. Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to read this privacy statement. Bitcoin Profit regards and values the privacy of all users. As such, we consider it essential to address your privacy concerns. Please note that Bitcoin Profit can make changes to this statement without prior notification.

However, you do not have to fret as we would never include anything that can potentially harm our esteemed users. Also, Bitcoin Profit may use words like “we or “us” or “our” in segments of this statement. Please remember that these terms represent Bitcoin Profit.

At Bitcoin Profit, keeping our users’ information as secure as possible is an utmost priority. Even though we collect data as part of our procedure, we ensure that it complies with rules and regulations concerning data protection.

As you go through this statement, you may encounter words that we use, such as “Data Collector .”These terms may include “ Data Controller” or “ Personal Data .”Do not worry. We will clearly define these terms in the latter parts of the official Bitcoin Profit privacy statement.

If you have any questions or clarifications about this privacy statement, you can quickly reach out to our contact centre. We would be glad to help.

2. What do we do with your Personal Data?

What is Personal Data?

Personal data is any unique information used to identify or link to someone. Personal data can include name, identity number, email, address, or international passport—all these are personal data exclusive to every individual.

Which Personal Data does Bitcoin Profit require?

Bitcoin Profit collects three kinds of data about you. We may collect this information by any of these means.

(a) Information you give to you with your consent: This personal data includes any information you provide with your full authorisation when you visit our website. For example, if you want to register as a new user, we ask for some personal details. When you give them to us, your data falls under this category.

(b) Information we get when you contact us: If you reach out to us, we may collect your records and save them. This is to ensure that we provide you with effective and efficient resolution. In addition, it would also help improve our customer service to our valued users.

(c) Information derived from using the Bitcoin Loophole website: This is the information we collect when you use our website. With the aid of Google Analytics, we can collect data that apply to your use of the Bitcoin Profit website. This may include pages visited, time spent, and the likes.

Who is the Data Controller, and which laws allow us to collect personal data?

Bitcoin Profit is the data controller and spearheads the process of collecting information on the website. Note that collecting your data is for legitimate purposes. Furthermore, legal ground aligns with how we collect personal data. All our procedures follow the GDPR rules the European Union (EU) laid down.

Bitcoin Profit relies on four major aspects of the GDPR, including, but not limited to:

Consent: Here, you have authorised us to use your personal data when you become a user.

Interest: This is where we use your personal data for a common interest that still serves within your data protection rights.

Legal terms acceptance: Here, we use your personal data in line with our terms and conditions and the laws of the EU.

Contract Performance: Here, we use your personal data available to us to enter a contract with you.

Why do we collect your personal data and how do we use it?

As stated on our website, we are not a trading platform. Because of this, we do not keep your data. We collect your data and transfer it to our partner brokers. These brokers are the ones you deal with directly as they would contact you.

Besides that, Bitcoin Profit can use your personal data for several reasons. This segment will specifically identify the compelling reason why we collect your data.

(a) User registration and communication: When you register with us, we may use the data to inform you of updates or necessary information you may need. This is to ensure that we comply with the contract you entered with us and also provide you with excellent customer support.

(b) For Bitcoin Profit Promotion: As a user, we can inform you of certain offers from the Bitcoin Profit team. So, when you provide us with your personal details, you have consented to receive promotional information about these offers.

(c) User Safety, Improved Experience, and Website: The aim is to ensure that your safety is intact when you use the Bitcoin Profit website. Furthermore, we can effectively manage our website's security and improve your experience using it.

What kind of cookies does Bitcoin Profit use?

Cookies are files created when you visit or use a website. Cookies allow a website to acknowledge your device and help improve your user experience on the website.

Bitcoin Profit uses different kinds of cookies. Here are the three kinds you would find on our website.

(a) Functional cookies: This kind of cookie helps us to recognise how effective navigation is on the website. In addition, it communicates if we should improve some functionalities or expand our technology.

(b) Google Analytics: The Google Analytics cookie helps us to identify user enagenegents and action on our website.This provides us with insights across data collection, website usage, and user satisfaction. However, only Bitcoin Profit can use your data as we have an agreement that bars Bitcoin Profit from using your personal data.

(c) Third-party cookies: Bitcoin Profit has some affiliate links. Hence, we use third-party cookies to monitor user activity on the website.

Where does Bitcoin Profit store your data?

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Profit does not keep your personal data. However, we may transfer your data to third-party partners who request your data. Note that we will do our best to secure your data and protect you from any breach.

When this occurs, know that it will align with legal data processing regulations. Also, our third-party partners will not share your details with unknown parties without our approval.

How does Bitcoin Profit protect my Personal Data?

Bitcoin Profit ensures that your data is protected with the proper processes. Note that we will not make your data open to the public. It would only be available to personal data to government or law endorsement authorities if necessary.

How long will Bitcoin Profit keep your Personal Data?

Bitcoin Profit will not keep your data for a longer time than required. The primary purpose of obtaining your data is to ensure that it’s possible to address the products and services you consent to use.

3. What are your rights?

As a Bitcoin Profit user, you have certain personal data rights in this section; we will detail the most critical rights under the GDPR law as stated by the European Union (EU). However, note that all these rights may not be applicable in all situations when you use the Bitcoin Profit website.

(a) Subject access: This right grants users to request forms they filled on the Bitcoin Profit website.

(b) Data Amendment: This right grants a user to adjust parts of their personal information if they feel it’s incorrect or needs an update.

(c) Data Cancellation: Bitcoin Profit users can request that their personal data is entirely deleted from the platform, provided that the users meet some terms and conditions. Since Bitcoin Profit does ot keep user data, we reach out to our partners to facilitate the process.

(d) Data transfer: As a Bitcoin Profit user, you can request your data transferred to another third-party. However, note that we will not be responsible for whatever outcome of the procedure, especially if it’s not our partners.

(e) Complaints: Site users have the right to raise an issue or complaint surrounding our use of their Personal Data with the relevant regulatory body in their country of residence.

4. Defined terms: Like we mentioned earlier, some terms might not be clear. So, in this final section, we will define the meaning of some applicable under the data protection laws.

Data Controller: The data controller is the body responsible for providing reasons for the personal data terms use of data collected.

Data Processor: The data processor represents the body who processes data as directed by the data controller.

Personal Data: Personal data represents names, emails, addresses and other personal information linked to an individual which can be used to legally identify the person.

GDPR: This is the European General Data Protection Regulation, EU 2016/679. The GDPR is applicable throughout the EEA from 25 May, 2018.

Personal Data Processing: This is used to represent any action that is linked with the use of personal data.This may include data collection, storage, cancellation, update, or distribution.

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