Privacy Statement

Thank you for taking the time to read this Privacy Statement. It offers an in-depth overview of the ways in which Bitcoin Profit, as the Data Collector, collects data from its users, the grounds for doing so, the ways your data is being used by us and other Data Processors, how our data collection complies with data protection laws, and what your rights are regarding the protection of your Personal Data.

At Bitcoin Profit, keeping our users’ information as secure as possible is an utmost priority. Even though we collect data as part of our operations, we ensure that it complies with rules and regulations concerning data protection. We only gather the minimum amount of information about our users that is required for the functioning of our website and the fulfilment of our services. We obtain all Personal Data with the user’s explicit and informed consent.


Bitcoin Profit regards and values the privacy of all users. As such, we consider it essential to address your privacy concerns. Please note that Bitcoin Profit can make changes to this Statement without prior notification.

Bitcoin Profit may use words like “we”, “us,” or “our” in segments of this Statement to refer to itself, as well as terms such as “this website” or “this site.” Please remember that these terms represent Bitcoin Profit.

Similarly, we would address our users with second-person pronouns and terms such as “client”, “user”, “site visitor”, or “customer.”

Defined Terms

As you go through this Statement, you may encounter legal terms, such as “Data Collector” or “Personal Data.” Such terms are to be understood according to the following definitions:

How Is Personal Data Collected?

In order to fulfil its services, Bitcoin Profit requires the collection of some Personal Data from its users, without which it would be impossible for us to meet our contractual obligations. All data is obtained with the user’s consent in one or more of the following ways:

(a) Information you give to us with your consent: This includes any information you provide with your full authorisation when you visit our website. For example, if you want to register as a new user, we ask for some personal details. When you give them to us, your data falls under this category.

(b) Information we get when you contact us: If you reach out to us, we may collect information about you, such as your name or address, in order to be able to respond to your request, and may keep a record of our communication with you. This is to ensure that we provide you with an effective and efficient resolution. In addition, data collection, in this case, would also help improve our customer service.

(c) Information derived from using the Bitcoin Profit website: This is the information we collect when you use our website. With the aid of Google Analytics and other types of cookies, we can collect data related to your use of the Bitcoin Profit website and our web page’s performance. Data collected in this manner may include pages visited by the user, time spent, and other behavioural information. Data collected this way will only be used collectively to study user groups and will not be used to identify you and your habits directly.

Grounds for Personal Data Processing

Bitcoin Profit only collects the amount of Personal Data that is essential to the functioning of our website and our ability to offer the advertised services to you, namely, connecting you to a financial broker. Furthermore, we also collect some data to study the performance of our website and plan further improvements to it, according to the needs and preferences of our customers. The entirety of our data collection procedures is coordinated with all applicable legal frameworks that deal with data protection, including the GDPR and similar laws in the other regions where Bitcoin Profit operates.

Bitcoin Profit relies on four major aspects of the GDPR for data collection and processing justification:

Why Bitcoin Profit Collects and Processes Personal Data

As stated in many sections on our website, Bitcoin Profit is not a trading platform or brokerage. Because of this, we do not keep your data. Instead, we collect your data and transfer it to our partner brokers, with your informed consent, which you freely provide when you register a Bitcoin Profit account. The third-party brokers to whom we connect our clients serve as the Data Processors and are responsible for processing and keeping your Personal Data.

Aside from connecting customers to our affiliate broker partners, Bitcoin Profit can use your Personal Data for several reasons:

Cookie Use on Bitcoin Profit

Cookies are files created when you visit or use a website. Cookies allow a website to acknowledge your device and help improve your user experience on the website.

Bitcoin Profit uses different kinds of cookies. Here are the three types you would find on our website:

You can learn more about how Bitcoin Profit uses cookies and how you can disable them in our detailed Cookie Policy. Note that opting out of cookies may negatively affect your website browsing experience.

Where Does Bitcoin Profit Store Your Data?

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Profit does not keep your Personal Data. However, with your informed, freely-given consent, we may transfer your data to third-party partners who request your data. Note that we will do our best to secure your data and protect you from any breach while using our website.

When we transfer your Personal Data to our third-party partners, it will be carried out in accordance with the most current legal data processing regulations. Also, our third-party partners will not share your details with unauthorised parties without your approval.

Nevertheless, we urge you to carefully read the information on the third-party broker’s website and check that company’s Privacy Policy to learn how your Personal Data will be handled.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Protect Your Personal Data?

Bitcoin Profit ensures that your data is protected by securing its website according to the technical safety standards for websites. Note that we will not make your data open to the public. It would only be available to the minimum staff necessary within Bitcoin Profit (who are all under non-disclosure agreements) in order to fulfil our services and third-party service providers, such as the company that hosts our website and the brokerage our platform pairs you with, or other Data Processors whose services are necessary and comply with this Privacy Statement and all relevant data protection laws. All such sharing of Personal Data will be done after you have provided your consent.

In addition, we may make some of your collected Personal Data available to government or law endorsement authorities if necessary. If we receive requests to cooperate with the authorities, we shall perform a thorough investigation to determine the legitimacy of the request and whether the request for our compliance outweighs your rights and freedoms as defined in the applicable data protection legislation. Moreover, we shall notify you of the request of a third party to access your data and obtain your consent, provided that consent is required in the particular situation.

How Long Will Bitcoin Profit Keep Your Personal Data?

Bitcoin Profit will not keep your data for a longer time than required. The primary purpose of obtaining your data is to ensure you can access the products and services you consent to use. Once we have connected you with one of our broker-partners, if you have requested that service, we shall send your Data to them and not keep any of it on our servers.

Data Protection Rights

As a Bitcoin Profit user, you have certain personal data rights guaranteed by the GDPR law as stated by the European Union (EU). However, note that some of these rights are only applicable in particular situations when you use the Bitcoin Profit website, so familiarise yourself with them carefully.

Website Content Changes

Bitcoin Profit reserves the right to amend all of the content of its website, including this Privacy Statement, with or without prior notification to the customer. Site users must regularly check they are aware of the most current policy changes. Your continued use of Bitcoin Profit and its subsites will be interpreted as consent to all content changes.

If you have any questions or require clarifications about this Privacy Statement, you can quickly reach out to our partners via the Contact form. We are at your disposal and will address your request as early as possible.

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